Selling or buying your home at the Right Price

Selling or buying your home at the Right Price
Fair Market Value is always the Right Price

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Discount Commissions or listing for less

Since commissions are negotiable you might think asking your Realtor to discount or reduce the rate they charge you is a good idea. But is that in your best interest? NO and here is why... A tattoo artist was questioned about a popular tattoo "born to lose" and the interviewer asked why someone would want to put such a message on their body. The artist replied that message was tatooed on the brain long before he put it on the body. The same phsychological message is conveyed when a Realtor discounts a commission, whether consciously or subconciously. A home is probably one of your largest financial investments. Do you really want to entrust that investment to someone who is "born to lose"?
Real talk from Nancy Chambers

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Today's Sellers

Do you want to sell your home? Then price it at market price. How do you determine market price? Ask a Realtor to prepare a Competitive Market Analysis known as a CMA and price it based on the Realtor's recommendations. Do not listen to anyone who does NOT earn a living by listing and selling homes. Do NOT listen to well meaning relatives, friends or neighbors about pricing your home. If you do NOT price your home at market price you might as well look for Bigfoot in California or visit Santa at the North Pole or try to find the Jersey Devil because you'll be more successful at those endeavors than trying to sell an over-priced home and you are not a Seller.
That's Real Talk from Nancy Chambers

Friday, August 13, 2010

Today's Buyers

I do not understand today's Buyers. First they want to buy a home then after they have found a home and enter into a Contract of Sale and then have a professional Home Inspection; why are they ready to cancel the sale because the home is not perfect. Sellers are often willing to make repairs and improvements at the Buyer's request once they receive a copy of the Buyer's Home Inspection; but if a Seller is unwilling to make all of the repairs or improvements why does the Buyer no longer want the home? Sometimes you make a right descision and sometimes you make a descision right.